iOS App Development Tutorial : Quick Guide

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In this blog, we provide an iOS app development tutorial, fundamentals on how to develop apps for iPhone/iPad, the iOS app development process, and give simple steps to develop an iOS app. This quick guide will provide helpful insights on building iOS apps.

Ever since the mobile revolution started, the mobile app development industry is thriving and growing exponentially. The mobile app development comprising Apple’s iOS apps and Google’s Android apps generates billions of dollars in revenue.

Do you want to leverage iOS app development services to ensure your iPhone/iPad app is ahead of the curve?

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While the Android app users outweigh iOS users, iOS still has the edge over Android regarding revenue generation. With iOS application development services, you can increase your chances of generating revenues and improving bottom-line results for your clients.

iOS App Development

iOS development is about building applications that function seamlessly on iPhone, iPad devices, and several other devices from Apple’s ecosystem. There are various developer tools available, as well as resources to build iOS apps for these devices. When it comes to iOS development, you can write a program in Swift or Objective-C or build cross-platform applications using React Native or Xamarin.

For iOS developers, there are specific basic requirements before beginning iOS development, such as a Mac computer and having a developer account. In addition, before you deploy an app for distribution through the App Store, there is a stringent quality check.

How to Develop iOS Apps?

Here are the basic requirements before you start building an iOS application

Developer Requirements

If you want to build iOS apps, you need a Mac computer running the latest version of Apple’s IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for both Mac and iOS apps Xcode. Xcode includes iOS SDK, tools, compilers, and frameworks to design, develop, and write code for your iOS app. Apple recommends using the modern Swift programming language for custom iOS app development.

One important thing to understand is that Xcode operates on Mac OS X and is the only supported way to develop iOS apps.

Create development environment

  1. 1. Xcode download
  2. 2. Launch Xcode
  3. 3. Create/start New Project
  4. 3. Get familiar with Xcode
  5. 4. In-built iOS simulator app in Xcode to build and run your app.

The iOS Simulator will allow you to envision the look and feel of your app as if you were using it on an actual device.

You can simulate your app on a variety of hardware types and iOS versions.

Register Your Apple ID

It is mandatory to create an Apple ID to download Xcode, access iOS SDK documentation, and get access to several resources. But, most importantly, it will allow you to deploy your app to a real iPhone/iPad for testing.
If you have downloaded an app from the App Store, it is quite sure that you already own an Apple ID. However, in case you haven’t created your Apple ID before, you have to get one. Simply go to Apple’s website ( and follow the procedures for registration.

iOS Software Development Kit (SDK)

iOS SDK allows you to explore several advanced tools, capabilities, and languages intrinsic to iOS development and the seamless app building process.

  • iOS SDK with the Cocoa Touch frameworks
  • UIKit
  • GameKit
  • PushKit
  • Foundation Kit
  • MapKit

Advantages of these frameworks include practical ways to control iPhone or iPad cameras.

  • Add voice interaction using SiriKit
  • Music with MusicKit
  • Expand viewing and listening via AirPlay
  • Add iMessage Business Chat to your application
  • Machine learning with Core ML
  • Augmented reality (AR) experiences with ARKit

Leverage APIs and libraries

The iOS app development community is one of the most vibrant and dynamic communities making a solid ecosystem. There is a comprehensive collection of resources such as standardization, enhancement of functionality, and consistency of iOS app development. As a result, Apple can release native APIs and libraries as kits that are stable, feature-rich, and easy to use.

You can use these iOS SDKs to integrate your app with Apple’s existing infrastructure seamlessly.

Cloud Testing

Testing is an integral part of your iOS app development process. When it comes to testing & optimization of iOS devices, it is crucial to check performance on different devices, operating system versions, and manufacturers that may result in unexpected performance issues. In addition, testing on real devices gives you a more accurate understanding of how your users interact with your app.

Obtaining different physical devices may be a challenge in terms of logistics. In such a scenario, cloud testing comes into play. With cloud testing, you can check your application on real devices that can be seamlessly accessed on the cloud. You can conduct a manual test or run automated tests to ensure the quality of your application.


Upon building, testing, and beta testing your iOS app, you can deploy it to the App Store. Therefore, it is essential to join the Apple Developer Program, which provides access to beta software, advanced app capabilities, beta testing tools, and app analytics during this stage.

You can submit and sign your app directly through Xcode. However, the app approval process takes time. It can be arduously long, requiring multiple iterations of rejection-revision-resubmission-rejection until you can get final approval to go live in the App Store.

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We hope this quick guide on how to create an iOS app, will help you get started with iOS app creation. However, if you are looking to build a robust application, it is best to partner with an iOS app development company.



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