Top 7 Tips To Fast Track Your Android App Development

Sonya Malhotra
4 min readDec 21, 2021

In a competitive market, a faster time-to-market your Android application can make a huge difference. A mobile app that takes forever to build and deploy can burn even before it goes live.

Developing a mobile app is a costly affair. Bringing ideas to reality takes time, effort, not to mention the overheads and other costs. One approach to keep the costs at bay is to decrease the application development time. The more time you spend on developing your app, the more it will cost.

Whilst Android app development for your business is a great choice, but it lacks speed. Business owners are constantly vying to meet the deadlines and take their applications to the market before the competitors pitch their app ideas. In this battle for faster time-to-market, quality is sidelined and this results in a product that does not meet the specific requirements of your clients.

Let’s unveil the secrets of mobile app development.

Speed is an issue in Android app development. In this blog, we have compiled a set of handy tips that will help your Android developers with on-demand app development without compromising the quality and performance.

Android App Development Tips 2021

Going Agile

Instead of launching a full-fledged application, launching a Minimum Viable Product with just the basic features is a commonly accepted practice in the quick Android app development process. This MVP helps your developers to collect the data and analyse the flaws of your application. You can use the build-measure-learn approach to get insights and customer feedback. This practice eliminates the risk factor of your application and makes it more appealing and successful.

Another best practice in Android development is using SPRINTS to hammer down the entire app into smaller and doable cycles. Every sprint is complete in itself and contains entire development steps. Speeding up your Android app development and going agile is the need of the hour.

Recruit Experienced Developers

Two elements to keep in mind during hiring Android developers, experience and flexibility. The more experienced developers are, the more they know about issues in the development process. If the developer is flexible enough to learn and adjust to new technologies and changes in the market, it will boost up your app development process. You should hire Android experts or someone who is experienced enough to think out of the box and offer a solution.

Use Hybrid App Development

Cross-platform apps allow you to use a single codebase for several applications that run on all the platforms. Hybrid app development is quicker than native app development. At a later stage, one can always opt for native mobile app development for more fluid, robust applications for improved performance.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Low fidelity wireframes are essential in app development. Using these wireframes makes things easy for Android developers and UI UX designers. Low fidelity wireframes give them an idea and basic layout of the app development.

Using The Latest Tools

Too much to do in too little time. A small time frame is an issue most Android developers face. Right from designing to prototyping, coding, testing, and performance evaluation of the mobile app, there are endless operations with no shortcuts. Apart from Android Studio, there are powerful tools available to help your developers cut down the mobile app development costs.

Here’s our countdown of must-have android development tools that can speed up the Android app development process:


Genymotion is an Android emulator that can simulate the sensors of a device. This platform supports all the existing Android versions and eliminates the configuration requirements.

Hierarchy Viewer

Hierarchy Viewer is another great Android app development tool for debugging and testing purposes that analyzes the flaws of your app. This tool speeds up your mobile app development process. It helps your developers remove the unwanted elements in your Android apps.


LeakCanary detects memory leaks in an Android application. This tool allows your Android developers to detect memory leaks and rectify them.


This tool helps Android developers share their screens between their Android devices and workstations. Using this tool, developers can share the app features with the clients in real-time and receive instant feedback to streamline the development process.


Butterknife is a powerful time-saver for all businesses looking for faster time-to-market. This tool improves the coding rate and readability of your codes.

Automation Testing

Automation testing is a sure-shot quality approach to get secure and fully-tested apps compared to manual testing. This type of approach tests an Android application against a full suite of testing methodologies and tools simultaneously instead of one-by-one, as in manual testing. Automation testing improves test coverage, cuts down testing time, and guarantees a flawless product that is ready for the market.

Outsource Your Specific Requirements

The Android app marketplace is constantly evolving and new apps are introduced every day. In-house mobile app development is not a dime a dozen for every business. To remain competitive and relevant, you should outsource your app development to a proficient tech enterprise like DRC Systems.

Domain experts in Android development can put your entire product together and maintain it more effectively. As a result, this gives you better returns on development costs. Domain experts can better handle the load and development operations.

An Android app development enterprise has flexible engagement models that do not burn holes in your pockets. Choose from multiple models and arrive at a business solution that works in your favour.

Wrapping Up

An open-source Android app not only offers you plenty of customisation options but also great usability and lower costs than most of their proprietary counterparts. Being an IT enterprise, DRC Systems is an Android app development company that digitally transforms your business and helps you steer your product engineering to success.

Our team of Android developers helps you validate and convert your idea into a fully functional Android application. At DRC Systems, our dedicated Android developers carry 6+ years of experience in delivering enterprise-grade solutions to businesses worldwide. To learn how we can help you disrupt the largest mobile market with innovative apps, contact us right away!



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